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This project that allows an actor to localize itself in a mapped 3D environment using the Monte Carlo Localization algorithm.


This is a novel banking account application that I am making for a Java class.


My fork of the popular lemonbar project : ""A featherweight, lemon-scented, bar based on xcb""


If you own any Shimmer Sensing Devices you can use this app to hook up to those sensors via Bluetooth, then you can log or plot the data. This app is currently unfinished but will connect to shimmer GSR, ECG, and EMG sensors and plot their data in real-time.


This program uses the OpenCV libraries to perform feature detection, description, and matching between two sets of images, or an image and a video feed, or between two video feeds. It has a GUI made with QT to allow the user to toggle the parameters of the Feature extractors and descriptors in real time, and to change from extractor to extractor. This allows for quick testing of different Computer Vision algorithms in real time on different sets of images, without the user having to enter any code.


A grouping of homemade data-structures, including : queues, trees, maps, and graphs!


My dot-file Collection for Arch Linux with I3 Gaps Window Manager.


Matlab, C++, and Python code to simulate the famous double-pendulum system. Was made in-parallel with my 3-part blog posts on jhallard.com/blog/ about this topic.


Repository for all work related to my college classes during the Fall of 2014


Repo for all college classes, Fall 2015 quarter.


Unreal Engine 4 FPS Tutorial built on Kubuntu 15.04


Implementation of a dictionary that uses hashing with chaining. Comes with a novel main() function to add some names from a file and display their position in the dictionary.


Introductory Robotics Lab #2 for Harvey Mudd College


Short program that converts an infix expression to a postfix expression.


Small python library for managing the creation, usage, and deletion of virtual-machines on Google Compute Engine.


A material design LightDM Webkit greeter theme


Quick settings for use on new Linux VM''s and Containers


Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/matplotpp


This is a test program to view and play around with a room scan that was performed with the Matterport 3D imaging camera.


This program takes an image, extracts keypoints, then takes a frame from a video feed, extracts the keypoints, then tries to match the key points to eachother. It works okay right now, definitely has some claibration issues.


A group of functions that perform rotational and translation transformations on point cloud object using the brilliance or linear algebra.


This program takes in a 3D model (.obj file) and a list of perspectives from within that model that the user would like images generated from. It will go through and generate images from all of those perspectives at about 30 images a second.


A (unfinished) Windows API program that simulates various scenarios encountered in a University level undergraduate physics course. This program was written when I was relatively new to programming so it''s a mixed bag of good/bad programming techniques.


This project serves to create a group of classes that simplify and abstract the overall process of using a Kinect camera to load, process, visualize, save, and publish PointCloud objects. These classes are meant to be used by other PointCloud processing programs to simplify the setup process and increase productivity. This with a few object instantiations and member function calls one can obtain XYZ-RGBA data from a Kinect camera in a continuous stream, converting this raw data into Point Cloud objects, allow the user to visualize this incoming data stream, and allow them to save and publish the data for other programs to use. These classes rely on ROS-Hydro, OpenNI, and the pcl_ros libraries includes in the ROS-Hydro desktop build.


This program writes thousands of points to a file for use by the PerspectiveGenerator program


Praxyk Learning Service - CS115 Final Project


Client-Side Scripts and Libraries for Interacting with the Praxyk API


This project uses the open source language processing toolbox from Carnegie Mellon University to process voice commands, parse them through a defined grammar and send them off to a quadcopter. The Quadcopter control commands are not in this project, this is simply the voice interface.


This repository includes my own implementation of Radix sort to work on groups of strings. It also includes an implementation of the very slow linked list sort, and a main file to test the respective speed of the two sorts on a large set of names. I created this for the CS212 Advanced Data Structures class at GCC


This is a series of programs that work together to allow a user to control an ICreate robot via a Kinnect camera. The user connects the kinnect to thier computer, then they run lab2.py, which takes the image stream and picks out a specific colored object defined by the user (put a colorful piece of paper on top of the robot and calibrate this program to find only these colors). Then the user runs a file called kbd_publisher, which gives us some keyboard commands to send to the robot. This allows us to switch between manual command mode and visual command mode. Finally run robot1.py and this will allow the robot to control and compute its heading and target vector.


Repository for all of my work during spring semester 2015.


Tiny Machine Learning As a Service Project


Quickly and efficiently connecting students to the tutors they need. (For Android)


This is some honestly terrible code that I wrote way back before I knew anything about proper coding practices, the UI is awful but the simulations done in Matlab are actually pretty good. The program contains two simulators, one for 2D waves and one for 3D waves. You will be able to choose the initial conditions of multiple waves and watch them interact through time and space.


Repository for all work related to my classes for winter quarter, 2015.