Tutr for Android

Tutr for Android

Quickly and efficiently connecting students to the tutors they need


This app has one com.ucsc.teamtutor.tutr.Model.main goal, make it as easy and quick as possible for a student to find the tutoring help they need. This app relies on GPS coordinates and a host of other factors to automatically find the best tutors who are immediately available in your area. Both students and tutors, sign up and make an account for free!


Version 1.0.0 of the Tutr App will be available at the Google Play store for free upon completion.


This is a project by John Allard, Alec Ried, Andrew Pometta, and Sean Mendonca. This app was created over the course of 2 days during the UCSC hackathon.

Updated : 2015-01-14
Created : 2015-01-10